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Company: Ogilvy
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Published on 2021-07-30 18:07:30

Introduction to Ogilvy

At Ogilvy we make brands matter.

We make them matter for years, for quarters and for right now.

There is a prevailing wisdom or narrative that perhaps brands no longer matter as much in the era of micro-targeting, technology and perfect data.

But we believe that brands have never mattered more as navigation aids and beacons of trust for consumers.

We are 1000 creative problem solvers working together to get to less ordinary answers to client’s challenges.

If that sounds like somewhere you want to be, read on…

Your Role at Ogilvy


We’re problem solvers. We don’t just spot problems (that’s the easy bit) we come up with smart, creative solutions. 

We’re active. We don’t sit around assuming someone else will make something happen, we’re driven to get up and do it ourselves. 

We’re always hugely ambitious for the work. Not content with ‘good enough’ because we all know that’s not actually good enough. 

We’re adaptable, not inflexible. That way we’re always open to explore new ideas, experiences and channels. 

We’re team players, not lone wolves. Because we’d be crazy not to make the most of the huge pool of talent around us.Plusit’s much more fun to work together. 

We use our EQ, as well is our IQ. People who ‘get’ people are so much better at their jobs, and nicer to be around. If this sounds like a team you’d like to be part of, please get in touch 


We are looking for a senior Account Manager with experience in developing and implementing social media campaigns, to join the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Team at Ogilvy. Our team is the central hub forall ofthe Gates Communications, which includes their own Brand Building activity, as well as the other causes they back in order to fight inequity. This includes gender equality, global health,nutritionand education.

The Account Manager would need to be comfortable in being theday to daylead with creative teams, media agencies and Client to implement campaigns on social channels. Ideally, this person would have experience in global teams, as we often work with strategists across India, Africa,USand Europe in order to help our team get to diverse solutions and include perspectives from the different regions where Gates create impact. Experience in social content and communication campaigns is a must, as our work primarily lives on social channels, and the future of work is to help develop new content and distribution plans for new audiences.

Here’s what you’ll be doing 

  • Building client relationships
  • Create productive client relationships with junior and mid-level clients throughout the delivery of projects, clearly communicating and managing expectations throughout
  • Proactively consider how actions will affect clients; responding quickly to meetclientsneeds, resolves problems; avoids over-commitment
  • Uses appropriate techniques to move others to action or to gain agreement, adapting personal style as required
  • Understand the importance of account ‘admin’- issuing contact reports
  • Making work we’re proud of
  • Havea solid understanding of process and proactively manage projects – facilitating conversations between team members, and considering how we can make the work even better at each stage
  • Increasinglybeable to see the work we do in its strategic context – how and why it answers a business problem and how it connects to the bigger picture
  • Provideopinions about the brief and the work andbekeen to contribute – clearly valuingthe quality of the work over a pure focus on process
  • Delivery
  • Comfortably take responsibility for successful delivery of the projects assignedto you, with light supervision
  • Understand what decisions are withinyourremit, and what is not, and engage others accordingly to ensure that those who are accountable can assist and guide as needed
  • Understand staffing and scoping requirements foryourprojects -generate scopes of work, and timing plans accordingly
  • Manage the budget onyourprojects, and work with Client and PMO Leads to manage costs and deliverables as well as staffing resources
  • Own project management/workflow system data entry and reporting
  • Identify potential project risks and developing contingency plans
  • Commercial Acumen
  • Understand the impact of project related decisions on the commercials, and able to balance the commercial demandswith theneeds of the project
  • Recognisewhen to escalate issues which have commercial implications, and how to manage these situations withyourpartners
  • Manage commercials to within targets on a project basis
  • Beaware of the need to drive growth, and consider how they may contribute to this
  • Collaboration
  • Proactively consult with key members of project teams (internal and external), in order to facilitatepartnership orientedactions
  • Increasinglybeable torecognisewhen to engage other Capabilities or Crafts
  • Encourage and facilitate conversations between team members
  • Be awareof the roleyouplay within the team dynamic
  • Problem solving & decision making
  • Resolve problems and makes decision onyourown projects, consulting with stakeholders as needed. Activelyrecognisewhen escalationisnecessary without being prompted
  • Create relevant options for addressing problems/opportunities and achieving desired outcomes onyourprojects. Takeyourline managers and partners solutions, not problems
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