Automotive test planning engineer => Relocate to China

Westhill, Scotland, gb
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Published on 2021-06-20 18:08:09
Job Description:
Responsible for the communication of overseas customers' experimental technology, the communication of product performance planning issues, and the development and management of overseas experimental resources.

Must have worked in Europe and be familiar with local automobile laws and regulations, such as Germany, China, Czech Republic, etc.

1. 本科及以上,了解汽车零部件的研发流程TS16949,精通外饰件、汽车电子方面的实验技术

Bachelor degree or above, understand the TS16949 R&D process of auto parts, and be proficient in the experimental technology of exterior parts and auto electronics

2. 熟悉欧洲汽车行业标准,对当地法律法规熟悉。

Familiar with European automotive industry standards and local laws and regulations.

3. 汽车行业实验室工作5年以上经验,其中欧洲相关工作经验不低于3年。

More than 5 years of experience in automotive industry laboratories, of which European related work experience is not less than 3 years

4. 英文流利,可以作为工作语言。

Fluent in English and can be used as a working language

Design for Manufacturing, Vehicle Engineering

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