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Company: Clark James Recruitment Group
Category: Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Published on 2021-08-02 18:10:36
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    JOB REF DSCJ1679

    This is a superb new opportunity within this renowned insurance wholesale broker looking for a high calibre individual to join them to become a Development Underwriter on their Commercial account.

    Ideally Cert CII qualified or working towards you will be able to demonstrate 3 years of decision making underwriting experience preferably from within Commercial Insurance including areas such as Liability and Commercial Combined

    The job will include identifying and developing new business opportunities, seeking new solutions to meet the needs of the clients and brokers, as well as supporting the renewal of current business. This will involve complex Underwriting decisions as well as assisting with audits.

    You will be comfortable creating and delivering presentations, attending meetings, roadshows and conferences as well as getting involved in creating new schemes

    First class training, career possibilities and remuneration awaits the successful candidate and a company with an extremely bright and stable future ahead who are making waves in the industry.

    If you have at least 3 years of Commercial Insurance Underwriting/Binding Authority experience then apply today for an immediate interview.

    To apply, please forward an up to date CV to

    Liability and Disclaimer

    The information contained in our advert including any salary or on target earnings information is given in good faith and Clark James Ltd uses all reasonable efforts to ensure that it is accurate. However, Clark James Ltd gives no representation or warranty in respect of such information and all such representations and warranties, whether express or implied, are excluded. No liability is accepted by Clark James Ltd for any loss or damage which may arise out of any person relying on or using any information within this advert.

    Darren Stone

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