Data Privacy Administrator

Cardiff, null, gb
Company: Pontoon
Category: Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Published on 2021-06-23 06:03:59

The role is to support the existing Privacy Pontoon Team who are responsible for the Global Team.

This is to facilitate, manage and administer the daily tasks which arise from the Pontoon business, internal business functions and stakeholders and external users and/ or clients.

Location : UK and / or Europe

No compulsory travel except for the occasional social teams’ meet up and/ or Managers’ meet up

Daily Core Tasks

  • Manage Privacy Mailbox.
  • Finding and uploading our policies to Teams.
  • Transitions completed works into ‘TAG’ formats.
  • Manage Privacy Project Overview Tracker.
  • Routine Managed Tasks with Management oversight

  • DSAR’s (transition from Mo) & Create Global webform.
  • Data Breaches (with support from other team members, but can complete OneTrust items).
  • Training and/or assist with training (may need support with).
  • Privacy Ambassador communications, update list, see who is on it and who we need on it.
  • Creation of guides for business e.g. data breach ‘how stakeholders would use it/fill it in’.
  • Additional tasks to be undertaken with Management Oversight:

  • Create DSAR’s Global webform.
  • Unily Creation, update, improve, articles, links & have full ownership/responsibility.
  • Adecco Data Governance.
  • Drive privacy teams ‘Overview of Team Projects’ tracker.
  • KPI reporting.
  • Data Breaches (with support from other team members, but can OneTrust items)
  • Clean up teams files.
  • Adecco Data Governance (6-9 months after starting)
  • Manage communications (e.g. newsletters) with privacy ambassadors, keep list up-to-date, find new privacy ambassadors.
  • Data mapping/’short’ form completions.
  • Assist with long forms.
  • OneTrust Analytics/reporting.
  • Help with ‘finding’ contracts/items/names/email addresses.
  • Help create power-points to give to different teams within business.
  • Research e.g. How could we improve our supplier/long form’s in relation to other countries Canadian/Brazil/U.S.A (e.g. HIPAA) with a global approach in mind?, summary of EDPB opinion on adequacy decision for UK.
  • GAP analysis of intake portals to see which ones don’t have a privacy notice.
  • Check what TAG’s up-to generally and pull any useful documents into our teams.

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