Digital Forensics and Data Management Analyst

Newport, England, gb
Company: Conduent
Category: Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Published on 2021-07-31 06:09:33

Job Description

About Conduent

Through our dedicated associates, Conduent delivers mission-critical services and solutions on behalf of Fortune 100 companies and over 500 governments – creating exceptional outcomes for our clients and the millions of people who count on them.

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Job Description

Conduent Legal, Compliance and Analytics (aka “CLCA”) are seeking a “Digital Forensics and Data Management Analyst” in line with the growth of their eDiscovery, Legal Operations, Data Risk and Analytics solutions offering. This position forms a key component to delivering upon complex and fast paced client engagements in-line with the EDRM, which involve time sensitive data collections, forensic analysis and processing of corporate ESI acquired from many data sources using industry standard tools and repeatable workflows. CLCA has a vast client base and deals with high volumes of data, and this position focuses on a commitment to efficiency, attention to detail, technical know-how and time management while following standardised processes.

Job Responsibilities (may include, but are not limited to):

  • Work flexibly within a Global team environment, and on time sensitive projects.
  • Receive, sanitize, prepare and potentially arrange transportation of encrypted evidence storage media following strict handling guidelines.
  • Create and maintain evidence media and data source chain of custody and acquisition history logs.
  • Physically disassemble and examine computers and related hardware, if necessary.
  • Use industry standard tools and software to perform on-prem, on-site or remote forensically sound collections of electronic evidence from computer related equipment, network devices and information systems.
  • Receive and catalogue client digital and physical media following strict handling guidelines and in accordance with regional data privacy legislation and or guidelines.
  • Validate and process client ESI using a series of applications and scripts.
  • Analyse, identify root cause, apply technical knowledge and/ or escalate whilst working alongside other necessary departments to resolve any data integrity issues.
  • Proactively update project status in an accurate and timely manner, via posting to our work request tracking system and written communications to all project stakeholders.
  • Work closely with team members and management to ensure client requirements are completed and to improve workflow efficiency by identifying bottlenecks.
  • Work alongside Client Managers to address project related questions or generate reports, making recommendations where applicable.
  • Requirements:

  • (Preferred) Bachelor-level degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Technology, or related field or equivalent work experience.
  • Basic understanding of networks, including TCP/IP, and network security concepts
  • Operating system knowledge in the areas of Windows 2000/XP/2003 and Vista. UNIX/Linux and Macintosh skills are a plus.
  • Experience in using eDiscovery software such as, but not limited to, Viewpoint™, Relativity®, Nuix Discover®, LAW PreDiscovery™, and EnCase®.
  • Familiar with the construction and execution of Microsoft SQL and Oracle MySQL data manipulation structured query language statements and standard procedures.
  • Familiar with the format and manual/ plain text manipulation of IPRO (.lfp), Opticon (.opt)/ Concordance load and or metadata (.dat) files using licensed or open source text editors.
  • Additional programming language skills would be beneficial.
  • An understanding of Chain of Custody procedures, forensic lab best practices, and evidence handling and preservation.
  • One or more of the following certifications: EnCE, ACE, CCE, CISSP
  • 2+ years of experience in Computer Forensics, Incident Response
  • Electronic Evidence Discovery collection and handling
  • Ability to learn quickly – and a willingness to put in extra effort to do so.
  • Strong team work ethic – willing to jump in to assist others, flexible with shift adjustments if necessary and willing to put in extra hours to meet critical deadlines.
  • Accountability, ownership and commitment to quality and deadlines.
  • Highly reliable with the ability to work under pressure with changing objectives and deadlines ensuring attention to detail.
  • Strong and effective written and verbal communication skills.
  • Effective draft report writing skills.
  • Creative problem solver with strong analytical skills.
  • Ability to identify problems and bring them to the manager’s attention immediately
  • Availability for travel if needed; some travel can be on short notice

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