Editor, Custom Content (Maternity Cover)

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Company: Turner & Townsend
Category: Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations
Published on 2021-06-20 18:05:47

Job Description

Pharma Intelligence’s Insights business is looking for an editor to manage and coordinate our growing marketing solutions content. The marketing solutions editor will be responsible for providing editorial leadership for all client-sponsored content. The editor will act as a conduit between the marketing solutions team, its clients, and editorial contributors. The editor will liaise closely with the marketing solutions team developing topical themes that can be pitched to potential clients or creating solutions that meet customer needs while being closely aligned to our editorial focus and quality standards.

Typical Month:

· Join sales calls with potential new clients to discuss key topics that resonate with our readership and content options that will align with their overall objectives. Review contracts where needed. Source example content pieces that are relevant to their business and goals to support sales follow ups

· Join kick off calls with clients for new projects, including topic guidance, process explanations and deliverables

· Oversee the moderation of several live sponsored webinars, including imparting best practice guidelines beforehand and facilitating live Q&A, when needed

· Manage the content creation and production of upcoming sponsored events and roundtables, including liaising with wider editorial team to access their existing networks

· Produce new eBooks and infographics, carry out interviews with client SMEs where needed to support creation

· Join internal calls such as weekly editorial meetings to discuss current projects and access wider expertise and insight from journalists where needed

· Review content proposed for syndication from clients to ensure it aligns with publication areas and subscriber interests

· Assist in creation of surveys by reviewing client proposed questions and advising on additional question options to generate insight, liaising with internal research team to ensure it generates maximum efficacy

· Review/proof marketing assets such as landing pages

· Manage invoices for the use of freelancers 

· Coordinate custom content team workflow to ensure timely delivery of content to clients

· Manage team of freelancers and internal writer to produce high quality written content

· Review and proof all sponsored content at each key stage of development

· Provide feedback and advice to team on how to handle projects and clients 


Key competencies:

· Ability to participate in cross-functional teams and maintain communication with colleagues and senior managers on work in progress, including daily use of workflow tracking tools

· Looks for ways to help the team work together acknowledging different roles and skill sets

· Good knowledge of the pharma and medtech industries with a highly developed network of potential key sponsors

· Awareness of key industry bottlenecks, challenges and opportunities

· Good interpersonal skills with emphasis on the ability to gain cooperation of others

· Able to cope with unexpected scheduling and client requests/feedback

· Strong commercial acumen and drive to ensure revenue grows in line with business expectations

Required Education/Experience:

· Journalism skills and knowledge to include: understanding complex scientific, regulatory, manufacturing and/or commercial issues, writing about them clearly and convincingly, exercising editorial judgment.

· Bachelor’s degree with focus on journalism and/or sciences, science policy or equivalent career experience.

· Established experience (5 years +) of creating/managing delivery of sponsored content or conferences/ round tables for pharma/medtech markets.

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