General Manager Assistant => Relocate to China

Nottingham, England, gb
Company: HelloCareer
Category: Management Occupations
Published on 2021-08-02 06:07:35
Job Description:
1. Assist the general manager of the product line with customer correspondence and client relationship maintenance to improve customer satisfaction;

2. Assist the general manager of the product line to promote the special quality management activities of the plastic product line to promote the overall quality performance of the plastic product line;

3. Document approval and conference affairs management:

4. Responsible for receiving, sorting, submitting and giving feedback to the company's internal documents that need to be approved by the general manager of the product line on a daily basis.

5. Responsible for the notification, liaison, meeting data collection, meeting material preparation, on-site work assistance and other related work of the product line meeting.

6. Responsible for temporary meeting arrangements for product line general managers or department managers, meeting liaison, and keeping relevant meeting records and tracking.

7. Responsible for the general manager of the product line schedule and various appointment reminders.

1. Bachelor degree or above.

2. International background , proficient in English and Chinese.

3. Attention to detail.

4. 3 years related experience, familiar with automotive industry is big plus.

5. Good communication and coordination skills.

Administration, Business Communications, Customer Communication

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