Learndirect Careers are offering you the chance to gain your ‘Level 3 Award for Pet Care in Retail’As a pet shop assistant having a genuine passion for animals is important but your role is more than that. You need to be committed to their welfare too.Therefore, you’ll have to achieve a deeper understanding of pet care. So you’re able to advise customers on their pets’ wellbeing. Excellent communication skills also ensure you’re being articulate. Helping the customer understand what is required of them when owning a pet. You will gain a wealth of knowledge on:Animal Accommodation and EnrichmentAdvising customers on purchasing a petUnderstanding feeding requirements of animalsCustomer Care and retail in a pet shop and much more. As a Pet Shop Welfare Officer you'll:Give food and water to the animalsGroom and exercise animalsAdvise customersSell pet care productsMaintain stock levelsDeal with deliveriesKeep the store clean and tidyTake your steps towards a fulfilling new job role by completing this qualification and APPLY now!No Experience Needed