Senior Quantitative Design Researcher

London, England, gb
Company: EY
Category: Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Published on 2021-08-01 18:07:15

Senior – Qualitative Design Researcher

Growth comes from solving problems that matter for people. For customers, employees, and society at large. At EY Seren we focus on the ways in which people make decisions. Helping them make better choices and solving their most pressing problems. Working with organisations to create the platforms, products and services for tomorrow. Making the world an easier, more enjoyable and sustainable place to live and work.

We don’t yet have all the answers, because that’d be boring. Clients push us every day. We’re privileged to get access to senior client conversations that excite us and challenge us all the time. We’re becoming an increasingly bigger part of an established global business, which throws up challenges and opportunities every day. Our way of thinking and doing business is infectious, and infecting more and more of the world around us, but that challenges us to go further and scale faster than before. Becoming part of EY Seren means getting on to enjoy this ride.

The opportunity

We’re a group of world-class researchers, designers, strategists and technologists. We provide full-service business transformation. Building a better working world, by creating new ways to serve people and help them grow – that’s growth re-imagined.

This role sits within EY Seren’s Research and Insight team. Everything we do is guided by our purpose: we believe helping humans to continuously understand each other, and become more responsive to one another's needs, is central to successful transformation - whether personal, organisational or global. We appreciate that humans are complex - full of contradictions, dilemmas and irrationality. We believe appreciating human complexity is the key to building empathy and connection, which allows us to unlock growth and human transformation.

You’ll be a passionate researcher, with an instinct to deliver great research in the teams we put together for clients, to help them improve existing services, invent new ones, and ultimately grow their businesses. Chemistry is what makes us tick. So as well as being proficient in qualitative research, able to plan and deliver design research projects, you will collaborate with other research and design disciplines. With guidance from more senior team members, you will fuse design research with our quantitative research, data analysis, and futures research teams. Working with our wider service design and build practices

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