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Category: Personal Care and Service Occupations
Published on 2021-06-23 06:01:09

Went to see Tenet last night, hard work – great effects but you need to really concentrate, long film aswell around 2 hrs 20 mins – it does all come together at the end and waspleased that they did not rush the ending like some films when the writer getsa bit bored or runs out of ideas, it did make sense eventually.

Good performances from JohnDavid Washington (seen him a few things now – he is really good) , RobertPattinson (not that keen on this actor but ok in this) , the guy from EastEnderswas good – small part anyway and Miss Debicki was ok

Only real let downis Kenneth Branagh – I will never understand why – when a Evil Russian isneeded they don’t just cast a Russian who can be a little bit Evil– Vladimir Mashkov would have been good from Mission Impossible &Billion, and Guess What he is Russian – sure he’s a nice bloke but does look abit Evil as well ….Perfect – Sorry Kenneth but you’re not a good Evil and yourcertainly not Russian

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