Trust Doctor in ENT

Exeter, England, gb
Company: Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust
Category: Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Published on 2021-08-01 18:10:26


Brief description of department

The ENT Department provides a wide range of services. Exeter is the regional centre for Head and Neck surgery, serving patients from neighbouring Taunton, Torbay and N. Devon. Otology, Rhinology, Laryngology, Paediatric and Thyroid work are covered and, in addition, specialist clinics in Voice, Dizziness and Allergy are run. The medical staff work closely with specialist nurses, speech and language therapists, dietitians and audiologists in providing high quality care.

Patients requiring skull base surgery, paediatric airway surgery and cochlear implants are referred on to the appropriate specialist centres.



George Barrett Head and Neck Surgery

Malcolm Hilton Otology, Voice, Rhinology

Andrew Husband (jt Taunton) Head and Neck Surgery, Thyroid

Mo Abo Khatwa Rhinology, General ENT

Rupert Ricks Otology, General ENT

Joel Smith Head and Neck Surgery, Thyroid

Graeme Weiner Otology, Paediatric, Clinical Lead

Helena Wilson Thyroid, General ENT, AES to juniors

Middle grades

SpRs: 2 AS: 1


GP trainees: 2 Trust grades: 2 Research fellow: 1

Responsibilities/duties of post-holder

The post holder will be expected to work as part of a team assisting with elective and emergency ward admissions, managing the pre- and post-operative care of surgical patients and attending the daily ward round. Associated administrative duties will be undertaken accordingly. The post-holder will attend outpatient clinics and theatre lists for their own learning and will be given responsibility and workload fitting with their experience and ability.

Duties and learning objectives

  • To take a history and examine patients, prescribe safely and keep an accurate and relevant medical record
  • To formulate and action management plans, with support
  • To show appropriate attitudes to patients and their symptoms and to respect their wishes, notably in the area of blood products
  • To have realistic expectations of tasks to be completed by themselves and others and be willing to consult and work as part of a multidisciplinary team
  • To seek to involve other professionals in the management of patients and their illnesses where appropriate
  • To structure an interview with a patient and relatives when giving bad news and act with empathy, honesty and sensitivity
  • To be involved in departmental audit/governance activity
  • To gain a range of ENT skills including:
  • Microscopic examination of the ear Ear microsuction/dressingNasal endoscopyNasal packingFlexible laryngoscopyDrainage of peritonsillar abscessBasic management of tracheostomy and laryngectomyMore advanced ENT surgical skills as appropriate
  • The post-holder will be assigned an Educational Supervisor. Regular meetings will take place to ensure goals are met, as a two-way process.

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