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Optima Dev

Lead Engineer (React.js, Azure)

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Company: Optima Dev

Category: Computer and Mathematical Occupations

Published on 2022-04-29 11:14

There won’t be a more exciting time to join. You’d be part of well-established bank, who already cater to over 300,000 people across the UK.

They’re going through a large-scale transformation, moving away from ‘off the shelf’ packages and bringing all of their platforms inhouse, building them from the ground up, so they can scale and ensure everything is best in class.

You’ll find yourself in a tech leadership position, taking ownership of their web platform, utilising a modern tech stack and ensuring best practices are implemented across the team.

You’ll work closely with their Product & Engineering Leads, helping to translate requirements, contribute to high-level architectural conversations, whilst continually improving and evolving the APIs capabilities.

You’re probably going to bring a high level of experience with React.js, JavaScript and ideally React workflows (such as Flux or Redux), data structure libraries (like Immutable.js) and familiarity with newer specifications of EcmaScript.

Everything which is being built is being hosted on Azure, the back-end is being written using .NET Core and you’ll ideally have some exposure with distributed, microservices based or event-driven architectures.

You’d be able to work remotely as much as you like too, most tend to show their face in the office once a month or so (they’ve got multiple across the UK) – but there’d be no pressure to come in.

Salary wise, I can see the role paying between £75,000-£85,000 plus package, which includes a bonus (typically between 10-20%) and an impressive number of other perks.

If the role looks of interest, reach out to Jack Leeming @ Optima Dev for a chat.