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Online University Computer Science Tutor

Sunderland, England, GB

Company: Spires

Category: Educational Instruction and Library Occupations

Published on 2022-03-16 12:54

Online University Computer Science Tutor

Spires is looking for professional Computer Science tutors capable of working with students who are University. We seek experienced tutors who have demonstratable experience in lecturing or tutoring students in a formal setting. Spires sees students requesting specialised help across the depth and breadth of Computer Science such as data structures, algorithms, networking, cyber security, data science, machine learning and many more.

Spires is an online tutoring platform which continues to double in size each year, with more students joining each day looking for help with their studies. The function of Spires is to connect students with tutors across the world and facilitate the online tutoring process. It streamlines the private tutoring process for both parties, eliminating paperwork and administration, as well as the need to travel. Tutors are treated as self-employed professionals and are given the freedom and flexibility to set their own hours and their own rates. They are fully responsible for determining what they teach and how they teach it.

Key requirements:

Committed – Spires seeks to create a class of professional tutors and elevate the profession. Prospective tutors need to show a commitment to education, they must have demonstratable lecturing or tutoring experience and they must be committed to tutoring for the long term.
Tech orientated – You must be able to use technology easily and should have experience of delivering classes online. We expect you to be computer literate and be able to use all common tools and software e.g., video calling, emailing and typing without issue. You must also be able to use our user guide, which contains a searchable database of articles with screenshots and videos. 
Student focused – A tutorial is all about serving a student’s needs. Tutors need to plan and deliver engaging tutorials which explore the problems a student has and why they are having them. We expect tutors to be able to build long term relationships with students.
Independent – Tutors must be able to think and work independently. The Spires platform operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a year, and is never closed. Tutors can be giving a class at any time of day and will need to be able to troubleshoot basic issues, as well as utilise our user guide for help. 


Application process:

Apply now, it takes only 10 minutes! If we like your profile, we will invite you interview. This will consist of a short 10-minute online tutorial. This entire process can be completed within 24 hours, so it is up to you to act fast! 

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