Job Description :

What are my responsibilities?
*Calculate and review VAT, CIT and SD, etc; Complete tax payment in time; lookup and trace the variance reason.
*Monthly Tax Report filling and declaration (VAT,SD,etc), Quarterly and yearly CIT declaration issues.
*Calculate, declare and track the withholding tax and put on records to tax authorities.
*Monthly PRC Finance report preparation and declaration.
*Prepare and declare export tax rebates.
*Tax-free put-on records to tax authorities.
*Communicate with local tax authorities and prepare various reports to tax authorities.
*Assistance in tax authority's audit, assistance in EY's audit, assistance in tax audit.
*Other tasks assigned by superiors
What do I need to qualify for this job?
*bachelor's in accounting or finance
*Accounting experience of over 3 years in a foreign company
*Familiar with Microsoft office such as word, excel etc. SAP experience is preferred
*Knowledge in gap between tax and accounting, export related experience
*Communication skills, Problem solving skills
*Good sense of responsibility

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