We are looking for a skilled craftsman who will drive the visual language of solutions to our users problems. You are a master of your craft, you know when to follow UI kits or when to evolve them, always structured and consistent. You know how to create amazing layouts and typographic lock ups, and you know the"magic" numbers, from your leading to kerning to opacity, to those special greys.

We are small product design studio based in London working with industry leading clients who invest in user-centered design and recognise it's strategic value for the business. Industries include mapping, automotive, internet of things and imaging.

Approach to work

  • work from deep insight into user's needs and behaviour and translate those into UI ideas and elegant visuals
  • work as part of team of expert designers who previously worked at Google, Sony and Microsoft
  • evolve best practices by learning from each other and responding to unique challenges of each project
  • practice the craft and get better at what you love doing
  • flexible and remote working
  • learn about maps, cartography and data visualisation
  • solve business problems through design


  • you'll work on overall design look and feel, based on the product architecture and wireframes
  • explore different visual approaches that might be evaluated with target users
  • detailed visual design for UI components and states
  • defined approach to color, typography, iconography and layout


  • Defining and translate branding in to product visual design systems
  • Web services and user interfaces
  • iOS and Android user interface

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