Job Description:
Propose a localized optimization plan for the current game development stage, able to control the quality and progress of the project's localization in US & German markets.
Using efficient communication skills, interface with outsourced translation, and maintain the quality and progress of translation in German or English.
Specify localized operation strategies in Germany or US according to the characteristics of localized users, and plan community and in-game activities based on user characteristics.
Maintain communities in German and Native-English speaking countries, communicating with users, and assisting in solving local players' problems. Provide support for the development and operation of the game through user feedback.

Required qualifications
Native or bilingual proficiency in English or German. If your native language is German, you will need bilingual or professional proficiency in written English for company communications.
Hold long-term living experience in either the UK, US or Germany with a deep understanding of local culture and user groups.

Desired qualifications
Have a wealth of gaming experience, preferably two years of mobile gaming experience, and demonstrate a commercial understanding and analysis of the games played
Experience in mobile game operation
Card Games, Competitive Gaming, Computer Games

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