Applications are invited foranout of programme training opportunity for ST2 paediatric trainees considering a career in Acute Paediatrics / HDU, Paediatric Intensive Care Medicine or Paediatric Emergency Medicine. These posts are intended for trainee paediatricians currently in run-through training who will have completed ST2 level training in paediatrics in September 2019 and are considering a career in an area of acute paediatrics.

There are two vacancies on the Acute Paediatric Rotation within the West Midlands starting in September 2021. The Acute Paediatrics Posts will rotate between the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust & Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

The 2 year rotation will include a year spent in anaesthesia and general intensive care, followed by a second year spent in PICU (6 months) and paediatric emergency medicine (6 months). The rotation is open to trainees from any Deanery. It is envisaged that year 1 will be considered as OOPE and year 2 as OOPT (ST3) by Programme Directors and Deaneries.

On completion of the 2 year programme it is envisaged that a trainee would re-join their Deanery run-through programme at ST4 level (subject to having successfully passed MRCPCH).

Prior to applying for this post you are advised to discuss the option of out of programme experience / training with your training programme director and/or Head of School. You will be asked to provide evidence of Deanery approval for OOPT/E at the time of interview.

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